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Affiliate Marketing is the beginning of another period in the field of online marketing. It has completely reformed the marketing idea. Prior an organization used to advertise their items through their sites, but today they purchase prime space on other sites for showing their ads. At Eonian Technologies, we offer support in formatting the online marketing strategy to meet your business needs and employ an affiliate programme to lift the performance of campaigns. A product is publicized online through key players in Affiliate Marketing. The main is known as the merchant – the company or product owner; second is the affiliate; the third is publisher- the affiliate partner; and the another one is customer – the end user who will buy the client’s products or services. 

Affiliate Marketing Programs that Eonians offers

1.Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC is the most prevalent sort of affiliate marketing for subsidiaries with small business sites, and likely the simplest route for them to acquire cash. In this affiliate marketing sort, the trader pays his partner at whatever point a guest is alludes to his site, which is at whatever point somebody navigates the vendor’s standard or content ads.

2.Pay Per Performance (PPP): PPP member advertising is the most mainstream around trader and is likewise the most lucrative sort for the members. In this sort of affiliate program, the dealer just pays the member at whatever point his referral deciphers into a movement -that is at whatever point the guest he has eludes really purchases something from the shipper’s site or when the guest turns into a lead. Pay-per performances affiliate marketing is further classified into two prominent sorts: pay-per sale (PPS) and pay-per lead (PPL). 

oPay Per Sale (PPS): In a pay-per sale kind of affiliate marketing, the traders pay the member a certain expense at whatever point the guest he has alludes to the shipper’s site really purchases something from the trader’s site.

oPay Per Lead (PPL): The pay-per lead kind of partner promoting is a slight variety of the PPS sort and is frequently utilized by protection and fund organizations and different organizations that depend on leads for their organization to develop.

3.Residual Income Affiliate Marketing: In Residual Income Affiliate Marketing, the subsidiary gets paid not just once for each client he has alluded to the trader’s site.

Why Choose Eonian Affiliate?

Eonian has precious years of experience in online marketing and especially in affiliate marketing, and We are dedicated to bringing you the most innovative Affiliate programs with the highest level of support. We have a deep understanding in cost per sale Affiliate marketing because that’s all we do. Innovation, quality and standards are our philosophies we were founded on. 

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