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The focus of Eonian is aimed at utilising the very latest of technologies in a proven manner, to assist our clients in reaching their goals. Cost effectiveness is of paramount importance. It is pointless designing a system that a client cannot afford and equally wrong in supplying a customer with less than their business demands. It is all about balance.

Excellence is the goal. Only when the client is completely satisfied can Eonian claim to have fulfilled our responsibilities. Delivery a service to a customer is not the end of the affair, it is merely the beginning.

We have to continually improve our processes, develop the skill sets of our workforce and deliver a truly world class product to our clients.

We strive, and for the most part achieve, an incredibly high rate of ‘pitch to client’ conversion. If we feel early on, that we cannot make any improvements to your system we will quite simply, say so. Our reputation, therefore, goes before us. We are extremely confident, that when we actually sit down with a client, they will be more than happy to trust us with their business. We are proud to boast that we align our processes completely with customer expectations and requirements.

Technology is moving faster today than at any other time in our history. A company that cannot keep pace with these developments has no chance of surviving in today’s markets. We would never claim to drive technological advancements, but we certainly stay ahead of the game when it comes to delivering them. We are more than happy to be judged alongside any of our competitors in this field. As these technologies move forward, so must we. Customer needs today are far more complicated than they were, even a few short years ago. It is our ability to adapt and move with these fluctuations in customer needs that sets us apart from other companies

Eonian, has built its name on honesty and integrity. We would, quite frankly, rather lose money than lose our name and a future customer. If there is nothing to be done to improve your systems, we will always say so and walk away. We want you to feel totally confident that the advice we impart, is the best possible advice anyone could give. This has been an ethos that has served us well, and one that we will continue to adhere to.

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    Eonian is the perfect outsourcing solution. I have worked with other outsourcing companies in different countries around the world and by far Eonian software solutions shines head and shoulders above the rest. They employ suitable tools & techniques, in adherence to standard project management methodologies, to deliver projects on time and within budget.
    Prasad Mangalagiri, CEO,MonySoft (Australia)
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