Safety Policy

A person is ineligible to be an instructor or official on Eonian if the person has been involved in any of the following activities

  • Been convicted of, pled guilty or been given probation before judgment for any misdemeanour, or any offense in any state, territory, country, or conduct that would be constituted as a misdemeanour in India, when the misdemeanour involves:
    Violence, including simple assault; violence towards senior citizen, a spouse, incompetent persons, or children; or threats of violence; Perjury or falsification, including the making of false reports of crimes; Sexual offenses, including, but not limited to, indecent exposure; procuring, compelling, soliciting or engaging in prostitution; corrupting minors; sexual relations with children; molesting; voyeurism (peeping tom); committing sex acts in public; incest; and sexual battery; Been found guilty of violating the civil rights under the Constitution or laws of India or any state or territory; Any crime committed after reaching the age of 18; Illegal possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of any controlled substance; Any crime involving the possession or use of a firearm; or Any bias-related crime.
  • Been dishonourably discharged from the military service;
  • While in the military, engaged in any conduct which would constitute a felony or disqualifying misdemeanour;
  • Is on parole or probation for any criminal activity, or any final disposition on a criminal charge;
  • Established a history of personality and/or mental disorders as determined by a medical professional; had been a patient in a mental institution for personality or mental disorders; or received treatment as an out-patient for personality or mental disorders;

A candidate may be ineligible to be an instructor or official on Eonian if the person has been involved in any of the following activities

  • Been convicted of, pled guilty or given probation before judgment for any misdemeanour charge not listed in the above section on immediate ineligibility;
  • Knowingly made any wrong statement or forged any document related to any matter;
  • Dishonourable discharge from the armed or military services.
  • If you have ever resigned from a law enforcement agency during any criminal or administrative investigation or otherwise demonstrated evidence of guilt without a final judgment having been given;

Eonian reserves the right, at any time, and for any reason in its complete discretion, to suspend and/or terminate indefinitely any instructor, parent, fan, official and/or player membership and/or usage of Eonian.

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