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Application Migration

Whether you need to migrate your app from a on-premise enterprise server to a cloud provider, or indeed between any other platforms, Eonian will provide a swift, efficient and cost effective response to your problem. Migrating Applications can throw up complications. The original and target environments will have differences that need to be addressed. Applications are invariably designed only to run on the platform for which they were created. This is where we come in, whether or not the situation requires the use of middleware, we will provide an excellent service every time.

Application Support & Maintenance

It has never been more important to maintain IT apps than it is today. Evolving businesses and brand new technologies mean that this kind of service is imperative. Eonian has developed precise and mature application service processes. These allow competent capture, reporting and resolution of all maintenance issues. We employ best practise as recognised by the industry, resulting in a service designed specifically for your needs.

Application Testing

It doesn’t matter how great your apps look or how well laid out they are, the need for servicability and security is paramount. In recent years it has not become unknown for businesses to spend 10% of their annual IT budget on the repair of core applications. Here at Eonian, we think this is unacceptable. A bit of foresight goes a long way, many of these problems can be nipped in the bud, saving you money, time and trouble. As an on going service, we like to stay in touch and tackle any issues as and when they may occur.

Custom Application Development

The customer knows best. Whilst they might not know how to get what they want, they more often than not know what they need. By tailoring applications to carry out the customer needs, we provide a bespoke solution to all your problems. Our applications are customised in a cost and time effective manner in order for you to address functionality problems and achieve your goals. Talk to us and let us help you to help yourself to better systems.

Mobile Application Development

This is the fastest moving industry sector at the moment. Tablets and smart phones have completely changed the way we organise our lives. No matter what you wish to do, someone will have a app design to help. More and more businesses are now requesting apps to assist both their staff and their customers. This highly technical sector requires developers to instantly improve their skill sets. Security is of extreme importance as is real time monitoring. We tackle these problems for you to leave you with peace of mind.

Web Applications Development – build back end

Web-based applications are considered essential for the support companies and major organisations. The development of these applications is a service that requires experienced professionals. It is no longer merely enough to be expert in a wide variety of cutting edge development techniques. The modern professional web application developer also requires excellent communication skills. Eonian work through all stages of this cutting edge technology, from creating the web app through the final implementation and servicability regime.

Web Design & Maintenance

Whichever of our services you require. You can rest assured that you will be treated with the same professionalism and high standard of service every time. Our customers come back again and again. We are proud that our portfolio of clients is an ever growing list of friends and associates. Eonian will provide a high quality of services whether you are a large company or a small one man band. Wherever you fit in the work place, you have the same value to us.

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    Eonian is the perfect outsourcing solution. I have worked with other outsourcing companies in different countries around the world and by far Eonian software solutions shines head and shoulders above the rest. They employ suitable tools & techniques, in adherence to standard project management methodologies, to deliver projects on time and within budget.
    Prasad Mangalagiri, CEO,MonySoft (Australia)
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